So much more than Martial Arts…


Friendly atmosphere, everyone is respected and understood to have different learning curves, coaches are informative and entertaining.

K. Lau


BICMA deliver the full coaching package. An open door, welcoming all ages and abilities. It doesn't matter if you're new, regular or returning from a break in training. Even after a break of years I've never felt like I couldn't keep up, or the club was more focused on regulars/competitors etc. BICMA coaches have a wealth of knowledge and will attempt to answer any questions on Kung Fu or just well being in general. They teach the traditional stuff respectfully and embrace modern sports science. And there's no class hierarchy to intimidate beginners. Just excellence in coaching all round.

W. Blaik


The coaches are not only brilliant at Kung Fu, they are great at imparting this knowledge to children in an individualised way. We have seen what we feel is great progress in our son, both personally and physically and an increase in confidence too. It is great that he has found something he loves. We also have the utmost trust in BICMA with our children.

A. Howard


We have been part of the club since my eldest started 6 years ago. The progress I see in my son is amazing, he has developed in confidence and skills and he receives plenty of support and encouragement from his trainers. This has helped him in all areas of his life.

R. Patel